Bournemouth Commuter Challenge


Two days working from home saved on four journeys

Made it all the way up Richmond Hill for the first time on my bike today!

Inspired by this challenge to keep cycling to work despite it now being dark when I set off in the mornings. Never give up - just buy some massive, super-bright lights!

It was so refreshing to cycle first thing in crispy morning! and seeing leaves colour changing!

It was a bit wet.

When cycling along the promenade west of the Pier this morning lorries delivering to businesses on the seafront speed at around 30mph which is too fast for a pedestrianised area. Signs state that cyclists must not exceed 10mph but there does not seem to be a speed limit for vehicles and if there is, I question if they are adhering to it as this is a regular occurrence.

I now travel from Weymouth to Bournemouth with two others thanks to the 'Dorset Car Share' Scheme. This saves me and my sharing friends money as well as reducing our CO2 impact, a win win all round.

Cycled to work each day this week. My journey by car 40mins, journey by bike 30mins I love that this website can give me a full breakdown.

Roads are busy at rush hour

Cycling is better when it doesn't rain

First (tri)cycle commute ever today. Sore as anything, both physically and mentally afterwards.

No rain so great start to the day plus a 'hello' from a person waiting at a bus stop! Feeling energised at the beginning of my Monday

Gearing up for start of the challenge tomorrow, and (hopefully) my first ever cycle commute - looking forward to ditching public transport as much as possible. Just hope the weather cooperates!

Looking forward to the challenge starting on Monday!

I sat down all day today and didn't move until dinner

Looking forward to the start of the challenge on 11th September!